Saturday, August 10, 2013

If we Listen with Love we won't need to Wonder what to Say

Hermanas Johnson and Israelsen..Soaked!

Hola Familia!!!

Wow! William is so cute!! I was so excited to write today because I wanted to see pictures. He looks adorable. I´m so glad that he was finally born (because if he hadn´t I think I would have a cow)....Haha, just kidding... Jade, you look like your doing great! I prayed for you and Trevor. I prayed that you will be able to feel confidence with William and be able to know how to best care for him. I´m sure that you are! William is lucky to be with such great parents!! Trevor, have you changed a diaper yet? Last I remember, you said you never had. I´m  sure that you´ll be a pro in no time, though :)
This week has been so great! Did I ever mention to you that a mission humbles you like nothing else? Because it does, but it is so great!!!!! Last night we we were talking as a district about teaching people, not lessons. Our maestro, Hermano Rasmussen is really in tune with the spirit, and he came over and talked to Hermana Johnsen and I. I realized that I have been too worried about time and fitting in all the material, that I had been jumping over the investigator. It was a humbling experience, but so good. I think that this sort of thing happens all the time to me though, I just have too much on my mind, that I forget the most important part--people! I love the quote in preach my gospel though, it says¨If we listen with love we won´t need to wonder what to say.´I had always thought of that in just a spiritual sense, but lately I realized that it applies to Espanol as well. If I listen and ask inspired questions, it doesn´t matter that my verbs might not be conjugated right, and that I don´t understand present subjunctive, and other stuff like that.
I really love the Spanish language though! I feel like I can usually understand what people are saying to me. I especially love reading the Book of Mormon is Spanish. It´s the best. I have to go slow, and so it makes me think about every word. There are also different ways that they word things, that make it sound so beautiful!! It´s such a blessing because I usually don´t feel nervous talking to people. I think Heavenly Father has blessed me a lot, because even though I know I´m probably saying it wrong, I know that the spirit can take what I can´t do. It´s amazing. I never thought I would ever have confidence in Spanish, but this is just an example of how Heavenly Father works through imperfect people.
This week we had some interesting and fun things happen.
I saw a green bird in the tree!! It was like a green parrot-looking bird for was so awesome!!
Ok, next interesting thing. On Tuesday night we had a devotional at 7:30. It was about 7:00 and my district had to switch classrooms so we thought we should leave a bit earlier so we could take all of our stuff to the new classroom, which was all the way on the other side of the CCM. So we had a ton of books and things and we got to the door and it was hailing and raining really really really hard. I mean really hard. Remember how I said bathtubs of water...I felt like this was swimming pools of water on the ground. One of the elders offered us his umbrella, but we decided an umbrella was probably more of a hindrance than a help. We decided to make a run from building to building. Hermana Johnson and I started sprinting out, but I took about five steps and slipped in a huge puddle. My skirt flew up and everything I dropped my stuff. That was an adventure.. We started  laughing, and made a run for it to the next building. It was crazy, but kind of fun (rather embarrassing though) By the time everyone made it to the devotional we were soaking. All through out the devotional my skirt and shoes were dripping, but it was fun. We took a picture, so maybe I´ll try and send it.
The devotional was about temples. President Pratt (the MTC president) has done a ton for the church in South American. It´s so amazing the good you can do, just by one person and sharing your talents. I feel blessed to be in the company of so many good people.
The other day we also watched a devotional from Elder Holland (from the Provo MTC). It was similar to his talk in general conference about Peter after Christ was crucified and the apostles went back to their nets. He talked about the line ´´feed my sheep´´ It made me think about Kimmy. Kimberly did you know there are a lot of scriptures about feeding sheep. You should read about them with Mom and Dad.  See 1st Peter 1.19 and other scriptures, Ezekial 34, and Isaiah 53.3-6. They are really neat! I think you would like them! Elder Holland also talks about 3 things that missionaries don´t do very well. They don't Study well, don't prepare well, and don´t teach for commitments. It was exactly what we needed to hear, because those are things I feel like I really need to work on.
The CCM has so many people! All the other MTC´s are at full capacity and they are sending extra unplanned people here, and so  there are really a lot of missionaries. It is so fun!! I love it!!! The work is moving forward and the work is exciting. The more I´ve been teaching or being taught the more I realize how important member missionaries are. We need you!!
Mom, I think that story from Band Camp is hilarious. That is so funny! That´s not something that you ever imagine happening....I bet that was the talk to of the night.
I´m glad that Todd is loving Band Camp! That is so fun!! I can just see him being such a good marcher and hard worker. Hard work is so important. That you Mom and Dad for helping me to work hard. In preach my gospel it says that is no substitute for work. I pray almost every day that I can lose myself in the work. Sometimes it´s hard though. It´s hard to forget yourself, because most of my life I´ve just been thinking about myself. But the days that I do serve I can feel a difference.
I´m so glad that everyone is reading the Book of Mormon. Keep it up! It is truly the best book in the world. It´s the best book to solve any problem along with the Lord. The Bibilia is also truly amazing! I love scriptures! They are the best! If anyone does not feel that they have time to ready the scriptures, they need to make time. I wish that I had done that more often. Even ten minutes can do the job!!
My favorite scripture this week is D and C 64: 31-33. It is a good reminder to act.

I´m glad to here than Jennie is doing well!! I´m sure that she is such an amazing missionary.
Also,  Dad I hope that things are going well for you! You are such a great example to me, and I always look up to you. I know that you were called of God to be a bishop, and thank you for being such a great example to me! I hope that I can be as humble and loving as you are, and as hard working.
I love you!
I love you all! I love all the pictures of Sammy and of William... They are adorable! Jade and Trevor I´m so proud of you!!
Hermana Israelsen
Also, Todd and Kimmy I sent a letter for you! It might take a couple weeks in the mail, but keep an eye out for it. :)

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