Saturday, August 17, 2013

Only Three more Days in Mexico!

Hola Familia!
First of all, Congratulations to Bobby!!!! That is so exciting!!!!! Washington sounds great, I´ve met a lot of people here who are going there as well. You´ll be a great missionary!
This morning we went to the Mexico Temple. It was great! It´s all in Spanish, but I felt really peaceful and calm there. The drive to the temple is crazy though, it reminds me that there are actually people in the world, who lead on with their regular lives. But the best part is, once you get to the temple it is so peaceful. And you can feel the Lord´s love.
So I leave for Chicago on Monday morning. I think my flight leaves around six in the morning from Mexico, so we will be up pretty early. I am so excited! The CCM is all I´ve known as a missionary, and so it´ll be humbling and a good experience to get out and talk to people.
Here is a journal entry from last night. Last night, was definatley one of the more spiritual days last week.
´Today was a good day. It started our normal--you know, teaching, Hermana Johnson and I wanting more bread from the the comedor (it´s really yummy) and other things. Elder Rowberry helped us with the language, past participle and remembering how to use command form. And later the other Elders helped us at the store (it´s all in Spansih)
Anyway, tonight (yesterday) we had TRC. (It is were you go and talk to volunteers about their lives and try to help them.) It was a very humbling experience. The lady we talked to was older, but I´m not sure if she has any kids. As we we´re talking to her, we found out that she has been a member for about 14 anos. We asked her what the greatest blessing in her life was from the gospel, and she said it was the atonement. I couldn´t understand all she was saying (she was speaking very fast-at least that´s what it seemed like), which is humbling in itself. But she has such a strong testimony of the gospel--especially La Expiacion. I think she taught us more than we could even teach her. We shared 3 Nefi 11:12, and then pretty much she taught us more about it than we could to her. It was great!
Afterwards Hermana Rasmussen (our teacher) came up and talked to us about how TRC went. I tried to explain, but it´s difficult to explain. At times I feel so inadequate to each. I tried to explain how I didn´t understand the language and other things. I think TRC is always a humbling experience for our district.
Afterwards we went to class and talked more about TRC. We talked about pride, what it is, and how sometimes it´s the sin of comparison. It was a very powerfull lesson, and I wish I could fully explain it. We read some good scriptures in Ether and Corinithians. About boasting in our God, and not ourselfes. I hope that I can give my self completely over to the Lord. I know God can help me with the task ahead. I know his grace is sufficient. I need ot remember ¨that discouragement will weaken your faith¨´ Yes, I might not be able to speak the language, Yes I might be teaching people much more educated than me, But I know in Christ I can do All things. I will not let my weakness break me, but make me stronger.
During the lesson Hermana Rasmussen went out and got another teacher, Hermana McKay. She told about her experience in a car wreck and how the Lord strengthened her throughout her mission. Even if it was just to walk another step. It was a very powerful and beautiful testimony.
After the lesson she came and gave me a hug. It feels good to get a hug, I have to say. But as she was, she whispered in my ear, [You might want to ask the Lord what he thinks of your efforts{. That was something I had never thought about doing before. For some reason it had never crossed my mind that  the Lord might actually be pleased with my efforts. (Yeah, I don{t know why that never hit me before), but it was very powerful. It was just what I needed to hear. Not that I don{t need to improve--but just to remember that God loves me. He knows my exact feelings. I know I need to be better, but I think at times I forget Heavenly Father´s love. I felt his love tonight, which was amazing and such a blessings.
Love, Hermana Israelsen
(Ok, sorry I hope that journal entry made sense) Also, I hope you don´t get the wrong idea. I am so so so exciting for Chicago, and I don´t feel discouraged, it was just a good reminder to trust in the Lord.
I liked hearing to Tina´s letter. That is so awesome, and sounds so hot! Wow! Here in Mexico it really has not been hot at all. But my claim to fame this week is that I have a watch tan line. Whoot! It sounds like things are going so well with the family. I loved the pictures. They are all so precioius. Also, is that a pictures of Addie on the marry-go-round, because if it is. She looks so old! I can´t believe it! I love the cupcakes, they look delicious. I can´t believe school is starting up so soon! That sounds crazy! Kimmy, you will do well in Spring Creek. My one piece of advice is make sure that you hang around good friends. Ones who are nice to everyone and are excited about the gospel. You´ll do fine, if you can just remember that.
It´s good to hear that the sheep sold well. Congratulations! Once again, I liked the pictures.
I love being a missionary. It is definalty the best things that has ever happened to me. If anyone is trying to decide if they should go on a mission. They DEFINATLEY should! I have heard several talks this week from Elder Holland and Elder Scott about how their mission has brought about everything good in their life.
I only have three more days here in Mexico, so the next time you hear from me I´ll be in Chicago. I´m excited!
Love, Hermana Israelsen 

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