Sunday, July 28, 2013

"...But in Spanish, that's a Whole other Story"

Mexico City CCM 

Hola Familia!!!

I forgot to tell you in my last letter, but I´m so proud of you all for reading the scriptures every night! If there´s one thing I could do and go back before my mission, I would´ve read the scriptures more. And make sure that I really memorized the scripture mastery's! I hope that you all can keep reading them! Also, it would help to have a second source to go along with reading the scriptures, like True to the Faith, or Predicad mi Evangelio.

This week we heard a DVD talk by Elder Holland, it was amazing. He said some really strong things though, such as that the members are counting on you ´¨and don´t you dare let them down¨´ But he also said a lot of spiritual things as well. We also listened to Elder Nelson talk. He said that our best friends in the ward should be 1. The bishop, 2. Ward mission leader 3. Family History Consultant. I though of Nate and Kristie then. He talked a lot about how family history work is very important to missionaries and helping those that they come in contact with, helping them learn how to find out about their family. He also talked about how we need to lose ourselves in the Lord. One of my favorite things he said is that Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience bring miracles.

I thought that before I came on the mission I knew the gospel pretty well, but honestly there is so much to learn. You have to know a doctrine very deeply to be able to explain it simply. Lately we´ve been teaching two investigators. We only have twenty minutes to teach them lessons, which is really hard because you have to be very specific in what you want to teach them and to reach their needs. Any suggestions? I think I could do it in English, but in Spanish that´s a whole other story. We have been talking a lot about the importance of planning, and my teachers have been helping me and Hermana Johnson greatly. I think it´ll just take practice.

So each day we have breakfast at 7:15, then we have personal study for an hour, then classes till noon, then we go to a computer study called TALL. We study grammar, and then we study some more. At 3:55 we have gym! Yesterday we got to play soccer, it is so much fun! Then afterwards we do our planning, have dinner. And then we usually teach our investigator and study some more, and some more and more. I love it! It´s so nice, but hard to concentrate sometimes!

Hermanas Israelsen and Johnson
Here are some answers to your questions:

 The food is good, there is a big variety. They sometimes have American food, but today they had tomalies for breakfast. They usually have several options though, but the tomales are pretty good.

 About the CCM, . There are lots of noises during the night, explosions and stuff, but it doesn´t really bother any of us. Nothing has been too surprising, for the most part it almost feels like I could be anywhere in an MTC, except for when you look up on the mountain and you see all the houses stacked up on top of each other, or you look at the trees. I´ll try and send some pictures today.
 My favorite thing...I don´t know. I love it all. There is a ton of studying to do, but I really like my district. I really like just being able to spend my time with the gospel.
 Yes, we have laughed about many things. Usually with my district. There was once when one of the elders was praying in Spanish and accidentally messed up our teacher's name pretty bad. I could´t help it, and just started busting up in the prayer.....which probably was´t the best thing to do...but anyway...There have been other fun things as well...just like running through the rain to classes, or with our latino roomates..they are so fun. (They actually left for the mission field this past Monday) but I feel like your emotions on the mission are heightened. You get the funniest and the saddest, and it can happen in just a couple of hours.

 My district is the best. One thing I love about the CCM is that it doesn´t matter what type of person you were in high school, everyone is so nice to each other. I know that companionships are inspired. It´s interesting the types of people that get put together, because it seems that each person can help the other. My companion Hermana Johnson is amazing! She is 21, and is really nice. We are pretty similar, and she helps me to be a better person. One of the Elders in my district in Elder Hicken. He said he has grandparents who live in Providence, they live by the Elementary school. Do we have Hicken´s in our ward?

Last night we did what is called the TRC, it´s where volunteers come in, and we just go talk to them and try and help them solve their problems. It is so hard, because when your teaching an 'investigatore' you know a little bit about them. But this is just like being pushed right in there and try and help them. It's fun though! This is one of the times I wish I knew my scripture mastery better. It's also interesting because it's all in Spanish, but it´s good practice. Through small and simple things, can great things come to pass.

I finally have Joseph´s word in Spanish memorized for the first vision. It is neat, because you can feel the power of the spirit even though it´s in a different language.

Oh, by the way, sorry about the bad spelling....I´m trying to type fast, because I don´t have a super long time. And there is no spell check....

I hope that Nathan and Kristie and Addie are doing well. How was your trip to Oregon? What was the best part?

Trevor and Jade, I hope everything goes well with baby William. I´m very excited to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie and Mike I loved the picture of Sammy. It made me laugh. How is work going? Katie, how is your online class going? Was Nauvoo all that you remembered it being?

Todd, how is marching band going? Do you like it¡? How is your sheep?

Kimmy, how is your sheep? Is he gaining weight? What else have you been up to?

Mom, I´m so grateful for all your help with packing and everything else! I love you! We talked about charity the other day. I think you are one of the best examples of charity that I know. What have you been up to? Did you guys watch any parades for Pionner day?

Dad, I´m glad that you are ok, with the dump truck. That sounds scary! How has home been? What´s the best part of your day? Dad, I also think you are a good example of charity.

I hope all is well with the family!!!! I love being out here on the mission, it´s one of the best decisions I´ve ever made. If anyone is trying to decide whether or not to go, they totally should.

Love Hermana Israelsen

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