Saturday, July 20, 2013

Leaving on an Airplane and All My Missionary Friends!

This is a picture of Emily and four of her close friends all leaving on missions this summer, Jenny, Emily, Alisha, Carly. 

July 9, 2013

Dear Family,

Things are going so great! The airport was an adventure, and our flight to L.A. was delayed quite a bit. So, when we got to L.A. there were about 15 of us missionaries running around, trying to get to terminal 2. We made it just in time, but it was an adventure! It was probably a real sight to see us scrambling around. On the flight to Mexico everything was in Espanol, so that was interesting. But most everyone spoke Ingles as well, so we were ok. In Salt Lake we met a boy named Antonio and he was headed to Mexico as well, so he kind of stuck with us missionaries, running around in L.A.X and things like that. He's not LDS, but it was fun to talk to him, and hopefully he learned a little bit about Mormon missionaries so if he sees them maybe he´ll go talk to them. I also talked to two ladies who are half American Indian and are Catholic.  We talked to them a bit about what we were doing. They had heard of the church before, and were very nice. it was fun to talk to them.
Sorry that my typing is really bad, the computers here are different. There are 10 hermanas in my apartment complex, and we all arrived today (but not all on the same flight) <mi compenaro es Hermana Johnson, she is so sweet and I´m excited to meet her.
I´m so glad that you had a good time at Rumbi, it is yummy! Kimberly, buenos nachos as well. :)
Mexico City is so colorful and beautiful, and there are so so so many people. It¨s crazy!  I love you all! Mom thank you so much for helping me pack, I don't think that I said thank you enough. you are the best! We just arrived about an hour ago, around 10 o clock, but I just received my name tag. Everyone has a hard time saying my last name, even the English missionaries. But that¨s ok.
Im glad that you had a good time quilting at the Gunnels house.  Just for a quick visual of the mtc, there is a big gate around it, and it¨s like a mini BYU campus. It's beautiful but I'm excited to see it in the day time. When we first arrived here, some Elders came out and sang Called to serve in Spanish. It was neat!
How are things going at home, did Jade have the baby? 
Love you all,
Hermana Israelsen

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