Friday, July 19, 2013

CCM, Mexico City, Temple, "Hey, there's the missionaries" but then I remember I'm one too!

Hola Familia,
I am so excited to write to you. There are so many things during the week that I have been wanting to tell you but i'm pretty sure I wont get to everything I want to.The CCM is so neat! It's very different from Mexico city though. The rest of Mexico is very busy, colorful, and with lots of poeple. The CCM has big gates all around it, has beautiful campus and is like a mini college. There are new missionaries coming every week. The other day Hermana Johnson and I were walking out of the comedor and ran into a man who was trimming the bushes. He motioned over to us, and proudly showed us the bush he was trimming into a heart shape. We tried to reply in our broken Spanish. There are always workers trimming things up and keeping it really nice. The CCM used to be a school, so there is a gym, and all sorts of fun things around. But honestly there is no time to do any of that. There is so so so so much studying to do.My district is awesome, it's me an Hermana Johnson and 8 others Elders who are all going to El Salvador. We've already gotten to know them a lot and it's only been a month. I feel like I"ve learned so much in just a week. In fact, by the third day me and Hermana Johnson taught our investigator Cristofer the first lesson. We have now taught him four lessons so far, all in Spanish! It's just me and Hermana Johnson, and our Cristofer doesn't speak any English at all. ""He's actually a teacher here, but it really feels like a real investigator and they've asked us to act like he is. The amazing thing is that even though we can't quite get the right words to say I can still fill the spirit. Last night we committed him to baptism and he said yes! We pray in Spanish, bear our tesitmony in Spanish, and pretty much everything in Spansih. In fact my other two roomates are Latino Missionaras and they don't speak any English at all! We've really goteen to know them thought, they are so fun and nice. The gave us some Mexican candy to try the other day, and it tastes almost like Nutella!!Today we went to the temple in Mexico. And I have to say, Mexico city is so so different than the CCM. IN the CCM it's like we''re in a a little bubble. Outside the cuidad is so different. I feel like people are almost living on top of each other and the driving is crazy! It's interesting to see, but I really like it. So at the temple we went through, all in spanish, no english at all. It was so neat though, because I could still feel the spirit. Me and Hermana Johnson rean to the Distribution Store at the temple and bought our roomates an English Book of Mormon. We like to read together at night. THey read in ENglish and we read in Spanish. I love the people here, they are all so nice and everyone says "Buenas Dias!" On the way back from the temple we saw the missionaries from Mexico city walking on the street, we honked the bus at them and waved. They looked happy to see us. I thought of Trevor walking those steets, it's very crazy but neat to see!It rains almost every day at five o clock. Me and Hermanan Johnson made the mistake of not brining an umbrella one day and we got drenched. That day it literally poured, like bathtubs of water. I don't think I've ever seen so much water in my life. I'm pretty sure they don't need sprkinkles here at all!The sheep sounds like so much fun! You should send me a picture of them. I saw the picture of the FHE! It looks like fun. I hope all is going well. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me get ready for the mission. It is amazing, I love it! There is a ton of studying and it's easy to get tired, but I know it's worth it. When else am I going to be able to just studyi the gospel, and in Spanish too! My teachers are amazing, it's Hermano Hill and Hermano Zamilpa. They pretty much only speak it Spanish to us. It's good practice! But at most only have class for about 3 hours a day, the rest is scheduled out teaching and studying on our own.Probably the best thing about the CCM is the spirit you can feel here. It's amazing! Sometimes though, I see all the missionaries walking around and in my head I think {Hey, there's the missionaries" but then I remember I'm one too.I love the gospel and love teaching. I especially love teaching in Spanish, you can feel the spirit very strongly even though I can't always say exactly what I want to. You have to find toher ways to say things and keep it very simple. 'Me and Hermana Johnson have made some mistakes in Spansih, like accidently calling Joseph Smith a girl, and I said the sacrament was called the Sacramento. BUt it's all in good, I don't feel too nervous to talk in Spanish because everyone is learning together.I hope the Kimmy and Todd are donig well! They are amazing,and  I"m glad to have such good little siblings. Same to the older siblings as well! I hope all goes well for Trevor and Jade with the baby! I"m excited to see pictures.I know that there a lot of things that I"m forgetting to say, there is just so much that has happened it's hard to remember everything. There are a lot of spritural experiences and I love being here. It's the best!Yo se que la Iglesia es verdad. Yo se que JesuCristo es el Salvador. Estoy agredecido por mi familia y por el don de lenguas. Gracias Familia!I love you all!!!!!Hermana Israelsen

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